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Complex systems analysis and software development

We are engaged in the study of the nature of complex systems. The viability of any complex system depends on a number of factors, the impact of which can be both positive and negative.

Using the method of special mathematical processing developed by us, we have found a way to quantify and analyze the states of complex systems and properties characteristic of objects and phenomena of very different nature.


Domain analysis and algorithmic base construction

Software development

Software development


Introduction into commercial operation and maintenance


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We are a group of specialists of different profiles: mathematicians, doctors, programmers, physicists, united in a team under the brand ATENON Scientific Research Center. The ATENON Scientific Research Center was founded in 2019 by specialists from various fields of science. We are located in Russia, in Nizhny Novgorod. Each of us is a professional in his field. We are engaged in information and statistical research of complex systems. Among our works there are works in the field of medicine, technology, economics. There are patents, copyright certificates and publications (including in foreign publications). Our goal is to give people simple and understandable tools that will help improve the quality of life, while not requiring a serious change in its usual course.

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